Immediate balancing of the taking of the day – saves up to one hour working time per day and work station.
Very reliable counterfeit detection of banknotes – eliminates loss of money for accepting counterfeit banknotes and banknotes not in circulation.
CloudCash® cloud service provides accurate information to calculate the need and ”mix” of float – saves time and money.
“Banking” possibility with local bank – earn interest on the money.

CloudSafe® - SECURE

Protection against robberies and internal theft – secure the taking of the day and minimizes the float in the cash drawer.
Protection for the staff – minimizes the stress for the staff that handles cash in an open environment.
Technology prepared for ink protection in banknote cassette and CloudAlarm

CloudSafe® - EFFICIENT

Controls that the ensured sum of cash never gets exceeded – saves time and penalty fees.
Controls when transport of banknotes should be initiated with CIT company - avoids extra service costs.
Instant on-line reporting and storing of transactions and totals in CloudCash® cloud service - saves time.
Minimizes the stores own administration with automatic reports from CloudCash® cloud service - saves time

New exciting technology!

The CloudSafe® system is addressing the above challenges with a combination of old and proven technology for counting, validating and storing banknotes and a new exciting technology - Cloud technology - to calculate, report and store values, all at a price that makes CloudSafe® to a profitable investment in a short time - a very short time.

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