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Depositing products

Our advanced and secure deposit technology for front office- and back office applications makes it possible to online monitor transaction flow to efficiently plan for CIT transportation.

Recycling products

Our alternative recycling technologies for banknotes and coins makes it possible for any retailer to design the check-outs with capacities that meets the needs of each store.

Dispenser/ Changer

The CloudSafe® Combo is a compact banknote- and coin dispenser that are used in gaming locations to redeem winning tickets or exchanging banknotes to banknotes or coins.

Cloud Service

In complement to our products we offer an advanced Cloud service with brand name CloudCash® for monitoring functionality and to ensure that each transaction is traceable for date, time, teller-id and amounts.

Our Products

About Us

Company background

With many years of experience in the cash handling industry, CashBow AB was founded in 2014 with aim to develop and deliver to the Retail market a complete product program for efficient and secure handling of cash.

From the small shop keeper to the large supermarket chain, CashBow AB has alternative products and services to meet each demand and need to make an investment in our technology profitable in a short time.

In the development process we work very close with our customers and our manufacturing partner and we sell our products trough a network of Distributors with a strong local representation for integration, sales and service.

CloudSafe® Systems

  • Modular
Banknote Systems
Banknote systems
Our alternative front office banknote systems are all single feed and ECB- approved. Single feed to avoid jams and depositing speed and recycling capacity is modular to customer efficiency and need.
Coin Systems
Coin systems
Our front office coin system is designed for easy usage with big customer display and a handful of coins can be deposit for maximum transaction speed.
CloudSafe Combo
CloudSafe® Combo
Two machines in one! Saves space and money.
A ticket/coupon reading function with banknote and coin dispense. Fast and simple. A change machine for banknotes to banknotes and banknotes to coins.

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Sales and marketing: thomas.gaterud@cashbow.se
Technical support: ted.folsom@cashbow.se

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